Red Bull Wololo IV will receive the final phase of Age of Empires II; All the details

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Age of Empires II returns to the first line of news. Red Bull Wololo IV you will receive the final phase of the tournament held around the popular strategy game. On June 26 and 27, fans will be able to follow the championship live through the Red Bull ES profile.

The event is more special if possible because it has comments in full Spanish. Mario Ovalle and Nacho AoE are the voices chosen to convey emotion to the audience. Those who follow the broadcasts of Age of Empires will not take them by surprise: they will repeat as they did in the previous phases.

What can we expect?

The calendar of events will take us to see the latest Playoffs the 26th of June. The best will go to the grand final 24 hours later. “Red Bull Wololo introduces a different narrative arc to each event for players to compete,” explains the company in a press release. “In this edition of Red Bull Wololo IV, you’ll once again see players fight for control of a castle with a library containing the knowledge necessary to dominate the world.”

This event clashes with previous editions. During Red Bull Wololo I and II, we saw players fight “for control of a Western civilization,” while the third installment depicted Asian civilization. For this edition we can wait Nordic theme: “Players will take on the role of Viking warriors.” For more information you can go to the official website of the tournament here. On the other hand, by clicking on this link you will find the Red Bull Spain Twitch channel.

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As for the information around the saga, the xbox division prepares for the release of the long-awaited Age of Empires IV. In MeriStation we could see it months before E3 2021.

Fountain: Press release (Red Bull)


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