Red Sky: Will there be any new characters in season two?

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We are getting closer and closer to the second season of Sky Rojo! It is one of the most anticipated releases of this month on the streaming service Netflix, after the success of the first part. The program created by Álex PIna, the same creator of The Money Heist, will have new episodes and you must take into account all the details before watching them. Are new actors arriving?

“It is a series of action, black humor and adrenaline from the creators of La casa de papel. Coral, Wendy and Gina go on a flight in search of their freedom while they are pursued by Moisés and Christian, the henchmen of Romeo, the pimp and owner of the Club Las Novias. Together they will start a desperate race in which they will face all kinds of dangers and whose only objective will be to stay alive for five more minutes “says the synopsis of the first installment.

The first batch of chapters left several open endings and we must know more about what happened: Gina you are pregnant and do not know what to do, Wendy gets shot and Coral revives Romeo, whose heart was paralyzed by an overdose. moisés he finds himself buried in his car under tons of sand and Christian he goes desperate in search of his brother.

+ Will there be new characters?

The main cast that has captivated the public is made up of Lali Esposito (Wendy), Veronica Sanchez (Coral) and Yany Prado (Gina). On the side of the villains they will follow Asier Etxeandia (Romeo), Miguel Angel Silvestre (Moses) and Enric Auquer (Christian). No additions have been announced at the moment, but the writers can surprise viewers and new members should not be ruled out.

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If you liked the first part and are waiting for the new episodes, You can enjoy the second season of Sky Rojo from July 23 on the Netflix platform, where it will have its official launch around the world. In total we will have eight episodes of about 25 minutes in length, roughly, just like those that arrived in March.

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