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Red Swan K-Drama: Episode 3 Recap and Spoilers
Kim Ha-Neul, Rain (Photo Credit: Disney Plus Korea)

The popular K-drama Red Swan aired a brand new episode 3 on Wednesday, July 10, 2024, at 4 p.m. KST on Disney Plus. The series follows the story of successful golfer Oh Wan-Soo (Kim Ha-Neul), who marries Hwain Group’s heir and heads the charitable NOW Foundation. She crosses paths with Seo Do-Yun (Rain) when he protects her from an attack and later becomes her bodyguard. Meanwhile, Do-Yun also hides his own secrets.

Episode 3 of Red Swan saw Oh Wan-Soo navigate challenges within the Hwain Group over the arrival of her husband Kim Yong-Guk’s illegitimate son. She not only fought with the conglomerate’s chairwoman and her mother-in-law but also grieved the loss of her child. Meanwhile, Seo Do-Yoon made discoveries about Chairman Kim Duo and his friend Shin Ju-Hyuk’s murders. He realized that someone inside the conglomerate was responsible for it.

Red Swan K-drama episode 3 began with Seo Do-Yoon convincing Oh Wan-Soo to be alert and always stay beside him. He warned her that the previous attack on her wasn’t from a terrorist organization but could be from someone inside the conglomerate. He also told her about his late friend Ju-Hyuk’s death in Manila, revealing that the same person who killed his friend was responsible for the attack.

The episode then shifted to a flashback of Seo Do-Yoon and Ju-Hyuk’s secret project two years ago. The National Police Agency Commissioner General assigned Do-Yoon to the Presidential Security Service to keep tabs on the president’s meetings. Meanwhile, Ju-Hyuk was assigned to the Police Agency’s Intelligence Office to investigate the slush funds of the conglomerates. The general asked them to keep this a secret and investigate.

Before going on their respective missions, the friends discussed the Eight Star Gang in Manila. Ju-Hyuk revealed that he suspected that the Hwain Group laundered their slush funds through a casino, which proved a link to Hwain Group Chairman Kim Duo’s murder. However, before Ju-Hyuk could turn the suspicion into truth, a contract killer murdered him.

At NOW Foundation, Wan-Soo discussed with her brother about making the foundation an independent international organization. Her brother asked her about the attack in Manila, suspecting the chairwoman’s hand in it.

Then, viewers saw Wan-Soo meeting her husband, Kim Yong-Guk’s former secretary, Jang Tae-Ra. The latter not only had an affair with him but also gave birth to his child. Meanwhile, Wan-Soo was aware of it.

Tae-Ra asked Wan-Soo to divorce Yong-Guk but was met with denial. As a last resort, Tae-Ra revealed that Yong-Guk only proposed to her in Africa because he wanted to clean up his image. Yong-Guk’s former girlfriend died of a drug overdose, which led his then-fiancé to end the relationship. Wan-Soo, shocked by this revelation, still refused to ask for a divorce.

At night, the Hwain Group Chairwoman advised that they bring Tae-Ra’s son, Jun-Hee, into their home and bring him up as the next heir. Wan-Soo strongly denied this offer, as well as Yong-Guk’s offer to have another child. The following morning, the group gathered for a photoshoot when Wan-Soo discovered that Jun-Hee would be made to seem like her child. She protested against it but had to partake in the photoshoot anyway.

Later, Wan-Soo discovered that the chairwoman had ordered Jun-Hee’s items to be placed in her late son Chan-Hee’s room. Infuriated and disgusted by these developments, Wan-Soo rushed out in her car, only to escape an accident. Do-Yoon arrived in time to accompany her, as she needed some fresh air by the beach while grieving the loss of her son.

Before leaving, Wan-Soo revealed she doesn’t trust people and would keep suspecting Do-Yoon. Furthermore, she asked Do-Yoon to stick to being her bodyguard. At night, Wan-Soo met Yong-Guk at their vacation house. While the latter advised that they have another child, Wan-Soo stressed he married her for convenience. When Yong-Guk forced himself on her, Do-Yoon rescued her from the situation.

Seo Do-Yoon visited the Hwain Group’s intelligence department, where he got acquainted with the security room, Hwain’s headquarters, and subsidiaries. He then engaged in a match with the security team before speaking with his superior, Park Kyeong-Ju. He asked the latter about Chairman Kim Duo’s death, which was revealed to be due to a heart attack. This made Kyeong-Ju nervous.

At the end of the episode, Do-Yoon monitored the CCTV cameras—the ones he collected from the security room as well as the ones Ju-Hyuk left for him. Do-Yoon made the startling discovery that the chairman was murdered by someone from inside Hwain Group.

Viewers can watch Red Swan K-drama, streaming exclusively on Disney Plus.