Redhead Day: some curiosities of 1% of the population

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Every September 7 is celebrated on World Redhead Day, initiative that was promoted from the 2006 from a photographer’s notice in which I was looking for people redhead to meet in the plaza de Breda, Holland. Since then, every year the city is visited by red people to celebrate the pride of their natural condition that makes them special, since worldwide they represent only the 1.5% of the population.

Some versions of the story branded them as attracting “bad luck”. However the origin of this myth comes from a past event which holds rather the opposite. History goes back to the period in which the Roman army wanted expand your empire to northwestern Europebut he met warriors, most of them redheads, that They defended their lands and peoples tooth and nail and defeated the Romans without a hitch.

So it was that for justify their failure, the same romans they created falsehoods about redheads. This belief was reproduced throughout the western culture for a long time, and many red people suffered from his condition and were the target of ridicule and tasteless jokes.

Also on other occasions, associated the reddish color with the closest thing to hell, suffering, harassment and punishment. Fortunately, all these versions already lost credibility, since in addition to being false they represent an act of discrimination against people with red hair.

However, the situation was reversed to such an extent now a days redheads have their special day to celebrate. Is that the main celebration that is done in Breda, stage where the “Redhead day”, attract thousands of people from hundreds of countries that since then they celebrate big with picnics, art shows, live music and fashion shows with red-haired models.

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On 2011 the Irish Redhead Convention, at the end of August in Cork. This summit too attracts people from the world and is characterized by choosing the kings and queens “ginger”, in addition to having competitions of the best red eyebrows and the highest amount of freckles per inch and a particular “Carrot war”.

Some curiosities of redheaded people:

  • This characteristic reddish color is the product of a small mutation that appeared about 50 thousand ago years leading to gen MC1R.
  • Ireland and Scotland they have the higher percentage of the red-haired population: 11% and 13% respectively. Third appears England, with 6.5% of colorados.
  • Redheaded people are more sensitive to changes in temperature and also to pain, so they need doses up to 20% more anesthesia.
  • They generate their own vitamin D. Not being able to absorb enough due to the low concentration of eumelanin in their body, they produce their own vitamin D in low light conditions.

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