References and theories of the new episode of “What If …?”

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It’s Wednesday and the new premiere of What If…? by the streaming platform Disney+. In this case, the protagonist of the animated series episode is the Doctor Stephen Strange. As we saw in previous installments of the show, What If…? proposes changes to the known events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Doctor Strange He will suffer the car accident that left him incapacitated in his hands, but this time the consequences will be different: he will lose the love of his life.

Christina Palmer die in that accident, Strange will travel the world in search of answers and discover the mystical arts in which he will perfect himself to assume the role of the Supreme Sorcerer after the death of Ancestral. We can see a known object in these sequences: the Eye of Agamotto. The villain also appears Dormammu! Traveling to the past the hero discovers that the death of his girlfriend is a absolute point in time, something that cannot be changed.

Strange will make the wrong decision to save his beloved

In this way, Strange travels to the de Cogliostro library to acquire the knowledge necessary to modify the tragedy. There he meets O-Bengh, which with much sympathy nicknames Strange “Armani”, because of the suit the doctor is wearing. A reference to the exclusive clothing brand. What does the Sorcerer learn? You will need to absorb large amounts of energy to break an absolute point in time. The episode doesn’t make it clear, but O-Bengh is actually Cogliostro.

Then, Strange will summon mystical creatures to take away their power and thus achieve his goal of keeping alive Christina Palmer. Among the beings appear the tentacles that we could already see in another episode of What If…?, more precisely the one starring the Capitana Carter. Once again, we suspect that it is the villain Shuma Gorath, which would appear in the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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A surprise? For the first time the Observer Talk to one of the characters in the story. Strange He asks him to modify the destiny of his universe, which is condemned for his irresponsible actions and the breaking of the absolute point in time. The Observer He tells her that if he could do it, he would, but that he does not have the necessary power nor is it his task.

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