“Regal Romance: Queen Camilla’s Haute Couture Dress Honoring Her Love Story with Carlos III”

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The highly anticipated coronation of Carlos III has finally arrived, bringing together dozens of royal houses and more than 100 heads of state in Westminster Abbey, leaving us anecdotes for posterity. Fashion is crucial to the event, as well as the role of Queen Camilla, who has shown her loyalty to her style, even for a celebration of this magnitude.

She arrived wearing an impeccable ivory look, with silver and gold Haute Couture details, in accordance with protocol. The long dress she wore featured a wild flower print, very simple with pleated panels and a fitted structure. The piece was cut from Peau de Soie, a silk fabric with a matt sheen finish and woven by Stephen Walters in Suffolk. The creation is the work of British dressmaker Bruce Oldfield, who wanted to make a sophisticated and modern outfit that showcased Camilla’s style and personality.

The delicate and tiny floral print embroidered throughout the outfit stands out, a precious gesture of love for her story with Carlos. The delicate garlands of abstract wild flowers are elegantly arranged, decorating the costume with chains of daisies, forget-me-nots, celandine, and scarlet pimpernel, with pennants of antique gold and silver intertwined. The floral emblems of the four nations of the United Kingdom adorn the bottom of the skirt and the cuffs of the sleeves: a rose, a thistle, a daffodil, and a shamrock.

As for her shoes, she chose white high-heeled shoes made of the same silk fabric as the suit, designed by British designer Elliot Zed.

Bruce Oldfield, who until a few months ago was the Countess of Cornwall, has dressed Queen Camilla for the Coronation of Charles III of England. The 72-year-old Briton was the architect of the style change of none other than the beloved Princess Diana of Wales, making his appearance in this epic moment significant.

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Queen Camilla’s tunic, designed and embroidered by hand with the Goldwork technique by the Royal School of Needlework, specifically by Ede and Ravenscroft, is a spectacular purple velvet design inspired by nature and the environment. For the first time, insect silhouettes such as bees, butterflies, a beetle, and a caterpillar have been used, paying homage to one of the King’s best-known passions.

The Crown of Queen Mary, made up of a silver frame lined with gold and set with approximately 2000 diamonds, mainly brilliant cut, with some rose cut, was worn by Queen Camilla during the event. It has a band openwork and set on the front with the Cullinan IV diamond, a large cushion-shaped stone and a frieze of quatrefoils and rosettes, with the main one set with the aforementioned diamond and the other three with a large precious stone on each side.

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