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Remarkable: Full functionality of the e-ink tablets in future only with subscription

The manufacturer of e-ink tablets Remarkable will in future only be offering some functions for its devices by subscription. In addition to some new features, the service called “Connect” also includes a function that could previously be used free of charge on Remarkable products.

This is handwriting recognition and conversion: Remarkable tablets can recognize and convert written words. This function was previously available without restrictions, but will in future be reserved for Connect subscribers.

However, owners of a Remarkable device do not have to accept any compromises: If you bought your device before October 12th, you get access to all the benefits of the subscription at no extra charge: In addition to handwriting recognition, this also includes unlimited cloud storage space and the integration of Google Cloud and Dropbox, as well as the ability to share the screen.

In contrast, new customers will pay 8 euros per month for this function package in the future. While existing users benefit from the introduction of the subscription, new customers will have to pay for functions that were previously free.

Furthermore, the E-Ink tablets from Remarkable can also be used without running costs if you click on the Features of the Connect subscription can do without. In addition to the Connect subscription, which costs 8 euros per month, Remarkable also offers a lite version that offers unlimited cloud storage space for 5 euros per month.

Remarkable primarily produces e-ink tablets, the monochrome displays of which are said to be particularly suitable for writing. The manufacturer advertises that writing on the display comes as close as possible to the feeling of paper. The translation between handwriting and typed text should therefore be one of the core functions of the devices for many users.


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