Remedy insists: Alan Wake 2 will be a game "in third person"

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Alan Wake 2 is already a reality. Remedy Entertainment confirmed the long-awaited sequel just over ten years after the original delivery. The Game Awards was the chosen setting for Sam Lake could present the wish of the fans. However, some users doubted whether the game would change perspective.

According to Lake himself, this second installment will return to take the camera in third person. Ilkka Villi will once again face the video game’s most famous writer, while Matthew Porretta will do the same with voice acting.

“Thank you for being as excited for Alan Wake 2 as we are,” begins Lake on his official twitter account. “A couple of easy clarifications before we go back to the shadows to get on with the work. Yes, it is a third person game. Yes, both Ilkka Villi What Matthew Porretta he will return in the role of Alan Wake ”.

Alan Wake 2 embraces terror

Finns will build his first great survival horror around the Alan Wake brand. The second chapter of the writer will take us to live the terror on PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC from some point of 2023. The company calls us until the summer of 2022 to find out its first details. The Epic Games publishing label is behind the project’s edit.

As we head to that moment, it is important not to forget the recent launch of Alan Wake Remaster. Players on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC can purchase the full package upgraded to today’s graphics. We emphasize “complete package” for the incorporation of the additional content that it received in its day. Its arrival is not trivial either, since it is the debut of the game on PlayStation consoles after the exclusivity of the original on Xbox 360 and PC.

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