“Remembering Araceli Dvoskin: The Beloved Grandmother of The Coleman Family Omission”

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Araceli Dvoskin, known as “the Colemans’ grandmother” for her role in The omission of the Coleman family, directed by Claudio Tolcachir, passed away today. Dvoskin started her career in Bolívar and had performed in many other theater plays including The Wind on a Violin, Operetta, Draw, You are not my father!, Histories, stories and coffee and many more. She was also part of the Teatro x la Identidad cycle several times.

Dvoskin had traveled different countries integrating the casts of The Coleman Family Omission and The Wind on a Violin, both by Tolcachir. In 2015, she was part of the cast of the play Inside, by Carolina Román, where she was praised by the Spanish media. Moreover, she appeared in many films such as El robo del siglo, Mater and Imagining Argentina.

Apart from her acting career, Dvoskin was also a prestigious dentist. Claudio Tolcachir expressed his love and admiration for Dvoskin’s vitality and decision to be happy despite everything. Despite her death, she remains a part of our history, and her work will be remembered for years to come.

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