“Remembering José Luis Losa: The Legacy of ‘Survivientes 2017’ Winner and ‘MasterChef’ Contestant, One Year On”

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A shocking event shook the world of television a year ago. José Luis Losa, the winner of Survivors 2017 and a former contestant of MasterChef, passed away unexpectedly in his house in Munera, Albacete. The news of his death left everyone in shock – so much so that Telecinco stopped an interview to announce the tragic event. The people of Munera, together with Losa’s family and friends, paid their last respects to the late industrial painter.

Prior to his untimely passing, Losa was already going through a rough time. Three months earlier, in February 2022, his wife Inma Simarro passed away from a heart attack caused by diabetes. Losa was devastated and often spoke about how much he missed his wife. In his last appearance on Sálvame, he expressed his grief, saying, “It’s something you never expect. […] She was the engine of my life.”

Losa was a familiar face to television viewers, especially as a result of his participation in MasterChef 4. Despite not winning, his talent and charisma captured the hearts of many. Three years later, he joined the cast of Survivors and emerged as the champion of the reality show.

Losa left behind two children, Inma and José Luis, who carry their parents’ names. Losing both parents in a short period of time took a toll on them, and they continue to grieve. Inma often remembers her parents on her public profile, saying, “Remembering you (even more if possible).”

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