“Remembering Marco Chacón: A Heartfelt Farewell from the ‘Other Father’ of Julián Figueroa”

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“Fly high son of my heart”: Marco Chacón’s Heartfelt Message for Julián Figueroa

Mexico City was witness to a glittering Red Carpet event held on May 31, 2023, where celebrities like Marco Chacón, Maribel Guardia, and Julián Figueroa graced the occasion with their presence. A month later, on May 2, Julián would have turned 28.

On this significant occasion, Julián’s mother, Maribel Guardia, and his wife, Imelda Garza, sent beautiful messages in his memory. But, the message that stood out the most was from Marco Chacón, who is both Maribel’s husband and a close-figure in Julián’s life.

Chacón expressed his emotions in few words, writing a heartfelt message to Julián on his social media account, “Fly high son of my heart, son of my soul, son by choice, Son of a thousand battles. May your birthday be full, full of eternal light. I love you.”

When Marco entered Julián’s life, he was barely two or three years old. He had a difficult childhood, as his parents separated due to infidelity. Nevertheless, Joan Sebastian, his father, was always a close, loving parent, and the bond between him and Julián was special. Marco, who is a lawyer specializing in the entertainment industry and intellectual property, was there for him throughout his life, being a father figure who guided him.

Maribel and Marco married in 2010, more than a decade after they began a steady relationship. On their wedding day, Julián, then 14 years old, walked her mother to the altar. Maribel still cherishes that moment as one of the happiest days of her life.

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After Julián’s death, Marco offered a few words to the media, apologizing for not being able to give a statement. But with this touching send-off message on Julián’s birthday, it seems Marco found the words he needed to express his love for his ‘ another son’.

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