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“Remembering the Heartthrob, Enrique Aguilar: A Life Cut Short by Tragic Gunshot at 36”

The Tragic Death of Enrique Aguilar

Enrique Aguilar died from an accidental shot in a house where he had gone to work. The incident occurred during the pilot’s filming of the TV series Reporter on Duty on January 31, 1971. Aguilar was recognized for his films El escapulario and Viento negro, as well as his participation in almost 20 telenovelas.

El escapulario

One of the first horror films in Mexican cinema, El escapulario (1968), has a separate chapter: four stories mixed with strange, complex, and disturbing situations revolving around the power of the scapular as a protection talisman. The film sparked several supernatural overtones, fear, and uncertainty in the viewer, according to critics. Director Servando González brought together a great cast, including Enrique Lizalde, Jorge Lavat, José Carlos Ruiz, Alicia Bonet, Jorge Russek, and Ofelia Guilmáin, who shone in her leading role.

The Tragedy

The tragedy that took Enrique Aguilar’s life happened during the shooting of the TV series Reporter on Duty. The recordings took place in a residence rented from a particular, where the production and other castmates were already waiting for him, including actress Martha Zavaleta.

When Aguilar arrived, someone handed him a prop pistol, which was loaded, as it later became evident. The teenage daughter of the property owner witnessed the exchange of words and remarked that this “toy” could not be charged due to her brothers’ significant collection of more than 80 weapons, almost all of them old. Nevertheless, they all heard a sudden shot, and Aguilar fell dead.

Martha Zavaleta was sitting on the stairs when she saw that the young woman was showing the pistol to Enrique Aguilar. ‘At that moment, the shot was heard, and Enrique fell dead,’ she wrote in Excelsior. The incident was left as a fatal accident, and the teenage girl did not face any criminal action.

Enrique Aguilar’s Career

Enrique Aguilar had a prospering career in film, television, and theater. Apart from his films and soap operas, he was about to start a starring role in the TV series Reporter on Duty but was tragically shot dead. Enrique Aguilar was buried in the Panteón Jardín and received posthumous recognition for his artistic career within the program Always on Sunday.

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