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“Remembering Tina Turner: Her Final Months on Earth”

Tina Turner’s Peaceful End of Life

Despite facing many tragedies in her life, the last months of Tina Turner were more peaceful and calm than anyone could imagine. The music legend took up residence in the picturesque Swiss town of Küsnacht in 1995 and considered it her home until she passed away on May 24, 2021, at the age of 83. Tina spent her time strolling through the town’s streets, buying clothes from Italian designers, and enjoying gourmet food. She would often sit on benches in the central park to take in the beautiful snow-capped mountains of the alpine town located on the shores of Lake Zurich.

Tina had a personal butler and several staff, but she preferred to drive her Porsche Cayenne herself through the narrow streets of Küsnacht. She would frequently talk to her neighbors, whom she described as “modest”, “friendly,” and “educated”.

Tina’s Love For Shopping in Küsnacht

A local butcher, Benny Lang, mentioned in an interview with DailyMail that Tina would often visit his shop to buy food. The singer enjoyed visiting the Casa Gourmet Moreira to buy white truffles and smoked salmon. Tina would come to the shop with her husband Erwin and preferred to do her own shopping despite having staff to assist her.

Tina’s Life in Küsnacht

Tina moved to Küsnacht in 1995 when her husband, Erwin Bach, took up a job running EMI Music’s Swiss offices. Erwin soon acquired Swiss citizenship and gave up his US passport. Tina also learned German and even the Swiss dialect spoken in her area. She attended yoga classes in a nearby public park and named her mansion Algoquin after her ancestors belonging to the indigenous group, Algonquins who spread across Canada and the United States.

Her four-story mansion, called Algoquin, resembled a castle and was located on a plot of 546 acres. The house had a boathouse and a large garden, but Tina and Erwin rented the property for the 22 years they lived there. The mansion has since been acquired by Swiss billionaire businesswoman, Ines Kaindl-Benes, as an investment, but Tina’s widower is not expected to be evicted from the property.

Tina’s Legacy

Tina Turner left behind a legacy as one of the most iconic singers of all time. In her personal life, she showed strength and resilience in overcoming violence and tragedy. Though her time in Küsnacht was peaceful, her music and her powerful voice will continue to inspire and uplift generations to come.

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