Renata Notni Addresses Pregnancy and Wedding Rumors with Diego Boneta

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Renata Notni Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

The Mexican actress Renata Notni recently made headlines after a photograph of her with a bulging belly surfaced on social media, leading to speculations about her being pregnant. The rumors were further fueled by her relationship with actor Diego Boneta, who she has been dating for some time now.

However, Renata spoke with the press and clarified that she is not pregnant at the moment. “It wasn’t a baby, it was the breakfast I had just eaten,” she joked. She also added that while she and Diego may want to get married someday, there are currently no plans for marriage or babies.

Despite the false rumors, Renata expressed her gratitude for the support she has received from her fans and the media. “I consider myself very lucky and I consider our relationship very lucky because we have always received very good vibes and very good energy from both you and the people and that is greatly appreciated,” she said.

Renata also spoke about her professional life and revealed that she’s currently focused on different projects and that returning to soap operas is not in her plans right now. However, she acknowledged that Televisa has been her home, and she feels great affection for the network.

In conclusion, Renata Notni has put an end to pregnancy rumors and said that while she and Diego have a great relationship, they are not yet ready for marriage or children. She also expressed her happiness and gratitude for the positive support she has received from fans and media.

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