Requirements to travel by bus and plane for New Years: everything you need to know

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The parties of end of the year They mobilize thousands of people who seek to reunite with their loved ones and this year the pandemic has not stopped them. We have already seen images of emotional reunions nationwide. Do you know what measures must be taken so that the trip be safe?

A total of 219,540 passengers made interprovincial trips nationwide between December 24 and 25, according to figures from the Ministry of Transport and Communications. At Jorge Chávez airport, the arrival area for international flights was full of people anxiously waiting to be reunited with their families. The hugs seemed endless.

It is important to know that, if you are going to make a trip, it is safe and all the corresponding sanitary measures are followed to avoid a new outbreak and we have to distance ourselves again. Here is everything you need to know to travel by bus or plane.

If you are going to travel, this is what you should take into account:

People over 18 years of age who plan to travel by plane should take into account the following requirements and considerations:

The procedure to obtain the vaccination certificate is free and can be done by anyone who has received both vaccines against COVID-19. To do this, you only have to enter by doing .

No. According to the Ministry of Health, it is proven that an unvaccinated person can become infected more easily and, therefore, infect people around them. Getting vaccinated will prevent a third wave in the country.

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