Resident Evil 4 HD Project: the remastering of some Spanish fans already has a date on PC

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The Spanish project carried out by some fans of Resident Evil 4 which aims to significantly improve the visual aspect of its HD version for PC seems to be on track for its final stretch. Thus, after years of development, Resident Evil 4 HD Project already has a release date in Steam with his version 1.0, a mod with visual improvements that will be available for free next February 2, 2022. This has been shared by those responsible through their official accounts.

El mod visual definitivo para Resident Evil 4

Thus, the mod Resident Evil 4 HD Project adds numerous visual enhancements to Capcom’s now-classic survival-style third-person shooter starring the fireproof Leon S. Kennedy. So much so, that this pack will provide lighting improvements global game, as well as higher quality textures it is included revised models for the occasion.

Its creators remind us that since the last beta of the mod released some time ago, even more new features have been added, such as the depth blur characteristic of the GameCube and Wii versions (and which was removed in later HD versions) or a Fully customizable FOV. In addition, a multitude of bugs and errors known to the original version, not without announcing that they will continue working on improving the game once the mod arrives with its version 1.0.

Remember that Resident Evil 4 recently received its own version of virtual reality, garnering very positive reviews from critics and audiences; what’s more, Resident Evil 4 VR You will soon receive Mercenaries mode as free DLC, in early 2022.

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At the moment, Resident Evil 4 fans who have the version Ultimate HD Edition launched in 2014 already have an excuse to return to the horror adventure that takes place in a very particular Spanish village, now, with the best possible aspect of a game that already has more than 15 years since its original launch on GameCube (in a principle as exclusive) and that later a multitude of systems has made the leap.

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