Resident Evil 8 Village will be updated on PC to fix performance issues

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The DRM, the software that is used to make it difficult to pirate games, is always embroiled in controversy. Many players claim that the performance of the titles is compromised because of this type of program, an accusation that has also been made about Resident Evil Village on PC. The title, available through Steam, has been suffering from performance problems since its launch. Digital Foundry itself, Eurogamer’s technology website, has compared the commercial version and the cracked version and has confirmed that the latter performs better. Now, Capcom has revealed that they are already working on an update.

The Japanese company has sent a statement to Digital Foundry: “The team is working on a patch to fix PC performance problems,” they begin. “Should be available soon, but we will offer more details shortly. ” More than two months after its release, compatible players may be able to enjoy a more polished version. There were few who complained about the performance when the title was released on May 7.

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The outcome of Ethan’s story

The protagonist of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard lived a real nightmare at the Baker mansion, but her dreams will once again turn dark when the next act in her story is unleashed. Ethan lives with his wife Mia and their newborn daughter, intending to forget all the unpleasant events of the past. However, the baby will be kidnapped, so he will travel to a cursed town where almost everyone has turned into monsters.

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Resident Evil Village está disponible en PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC y Google Stadia. Capcom is developing a DLC expansion, although at the moment there are no details about the content or its expected release date.

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