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Resident Evil board game spreads the T-virus to Kickstarter and sweeps the platform

A game table of Resident Evil c on license Officer has collectively funded more than 900.0 00 dollar s after a start zo really successful on Kickstarter.

Released yesterday, October 26, 2021 , l the campaign d the game quickly exceeded its initial funding goal of £ 100,000, that is, around 118,000 euros. With 15 days to the end of the campaign crowdfunding , that goal now seems like a distant memory . At the time of writing, the cooperative horror game just dwarfed the € 800,694 and not seem be decelerated erando.

Resident Evil: The Board Game is being created by veteran board game company Steamforged Games in association with Capcom . Steamforged is certainly no stranger to the franchise, having previously worked on board games for Resident Evil 2 and 3. He has also created O other board games tied to different video game franchises, including Horizon: Zero Dawn and Dark Souls , so it looks like the project. is in good hands.

As for the board game itself, this will take players to the place where the saga began, as it will be based on the original Resident Evil . Just with a little license – it will be based on the 2002 remake.

Steamforged says that gamers they will put in the boots of a STARS member and they will enter at the sinister Spencer Mansion to discover the horrible truths within. . While exploring the area, players will need to “look for secrets and survivors “ , browse for an open world “plagued with enemies and ensure their survival as the danger level of the game increases around him.

When reviewing Kickstarter, fans s currently they have two different commitment options that they can pay to receive a copy of the board game at launch. Starting at £ 72 (around 86 euros ), we will access the ‘Bravo Pledge’, which guarantees players a copy of the game of me sa main Resident Evil, as well as all of his objectives unlocked . There is also a more expensive option called ‘Alpha Pledge’, which not only guarantees fans access to the main game and unlocks the objectives, but also provides a number of ex additional pansions and exclusive accessories . Its price is 258 euros.

In other news related to the Capcom saga , this is not the first time that members of the STARS team have returned or to be the center of public attention. Fortnite, de Epic Games, ag recently showered Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine to the game as part of a collaboration with Capcom to celebrate this Halloween. You can read more about the subject here .

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