Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness from Netflix | Trailer, release date and how many chapters it has

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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is practically here. Netflix will add to its catalog the new animated series based on the famous Capcom saga this July 8 around the world, an adventure in CGI where we will put ourselves in the shoes of two faces known to all fans of this saga survival horror as they are Leon S. Kennedy Y Claire Redfield. we count them how many chapters does it have next to one of his main trailers.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness premieres July 8 on Netflix

This July 8 Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness will hit Netflix with a total of four episodes. All four can be seen from this Thursday, so we will not have to wait a week for each new chapter, as it does in other productions.

This time, the CGI production created by Tokyo Movie Shinsha Entertainment Y quebico (in the 3D animation; as it happened in Resident Evil: Vendetta, released in 2017) together with Capcom Y CGIDesam has the address of Eiichiro Hasumi, which will narrate this terrifying journey that is part of the official canon of the Resident Evil saga. Hiroyuki KobayashiFor his part, he is the producer of the Resident Evil series and has been in charge of captaining the supervision of each of the chapters of Infinite Darkness.

“When biohazards are released, only a couple of veteran zombie hunters can get the job done. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is a new original series framed in the canon of Capcom’s classic survival horror saga, ”Capcom said on the occasion of the announcement.

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Regarding the series synopsisIn the presentation trailer we saw a Leon S. Kennedy dressed in a suit as he arrives at the White House in a helicopter. Apparently, he has been called after unauthorized access to the files of the presidency was detected. Leon will arrive at the place and enter inside. Claire Redfield will appear and ask you to consult a drawing made by a young man. What will be happening? Suddenly, the power will go out and the White House will be plunged into chaos: an attack ends with the president in a bunker. Zombies, shooting, action and frenzy. A fight for survival.

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