Resident Evil Village releases an update to improve its performance on PC

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Just a few days ago the news broke that Resident Evil Village for PC worked better in its cracked version than in the commercial one. In response to the Digital Foundry video, in which the veracity of this information was verified, Capcom sent a statement with a very specific announcement: they would make available to players a patch to improve performance in compatible. Said and done, it is now available. In the absence of verifying if the update has improved the situation of the title, the Japanese have communicated the following:

Thank you for playing Resident Evil Village. The following updates have been made to the Steam version of the game ”. Capcom has made adjustments “to optimize anti-hacking technology of the game ”, which suggests that performance will have improved accordingly.

Also, the title is already compatible with FidelityFX Super Resolution, “The latest technology” from AMD when it comes to resolution scaling. This option can already be configured in systems that have a graphics card of the brand. Now, they can play at a higher resolution.

A DLC about which absolutely nothing is known

Since its launch last May, the PC community has complained about the port quality. Two months later, it seems that Capcom has finally taken action on the matter. Do not forget that the game still has life ahead of it. In fact, during its conference at E3 2021, the Japanese company revealed that they were working on a future, which will expand the story by way of expansion. However, at this time they have not yet provided any concrete details.

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Resident Evil Village is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Google Stadia. The next confirmed game in the saga is nothing new, but a version for virtual reality (Oculus Quest 2) of Resident Evil 4 and the independent multiplayer mode of Village, Re: Verse, delayed until 2022.

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