Residente’s Got a Forceful Response From Yatra’s Regarding J Balvin

Residente’s Got a Forceful Response From Yatra’s Regarding J Balvin

The rivalry between J Balvin and Residente did not begin when they faced each other on social networks after the ‘Ginza’ singer came up with the idea of asking for nothing less than a boycott of the Latin Grammy Awards for not considering exponents of the urban genre in last year’s nominations and it was the founder of Calle 13 who criticized him harshly for that decision.

Contrary to that idea, their enmity comes from years ago, as revealed by René Pérez Joglar, Real name of Residente, during a live broadcast on his Instagram account. On the occasion of his new song ‘Sessions #49’, in which he made a collaboration with Bizarrap, the Puerto Rican singer said that his song was born from how upset he felt when J Balvin mocked him publicly, six years ago.

As René said in the direct broadcast, the teasing began at a Spotify party, in which a photograph was even taken with the Colombian singer and Daddy Yankee. He added that, since then, his rival would have made comments against him in private, however, everything would have been unleashed when he also did so publicly. According to his statements, he asked Balvin to cease public mockery and that at some point in his talks, the interpreter of ‘Mi gente’ would have agreed to leave the issue aside, but, according to Residente, he broke his pact by taking out merchandise that alluded to his “tirade”.

For Residente, who music has been a showcase of his emotions and thoughts, the only way to respond to J Balvin was through rhymes and rapping. “When there is a tiradera, you have to throw it with attitude. He is a man who is in the urban genre and has to endure,” he said.

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On the other hand, René made it clear that ‘Sessions #49’ was a way to do justice to all the artists who are left out of the great events of the music industry: “The theme transcends the character I am talking about,” he explained. A few hours after its premiere, ‘Sessions #49’ already has more than 30 million views and is positioned in the first place of music trends on YouTube.

In the eight minutes of duration, the song of Residente and Bizarrap does not call J Balvin by name (although it does mention his first name, José, as Josecito). But the recipient has been clearly identified by the public by different allusions to both titles of his albums (Colores), as well as facts such as the documentary that dealt with the career of the reggaeton paisa, his resounding public disagreement over the representation of reggaeton in the Latin Grammys or the music that the Colombian made for the spongebob film, in addition to remembering the controversial video of the song Perra, which Balvin had to remove from the air.

The phrases from Residente to J Balvin

Here are some of the phrases from the song Sessions 49, by Residente:

“I’m going to lower myself with a bobolon that sings to SpongeBob and Pokemon… this is lower than ejaculating without an erection.”

As they tell him out there, Josecito has no street, that’s why you have such soft knuckles, with only a video burial of this calf and I put him to upload photos with his dog. “

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“You do the spiritual using mental health to sell a documentary.

You are more fake than a hot dog without ketchup or bread…

he does not understand the values of life.

You have to tattoo the word loyalty because you forget,

he is an imbecile with hair dye who put black women to dance with a dog chain on his neck, a white man who lost his way, accepting his Afro-Latin prize.”

“Every day disguised in a different color like a chameleon. As Rubén said, the Resident holds it, even if it changes color, I always know where it comes from.”

There will be no response

So far, J Balvin has made no public reference to this song. His press office says he does not plan to comment.

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