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Restaurant Sees Sales Spike After Kendrick Lamar Films ‘Not Like Us’

Tam’s Burgers, the popular local restaurant where Kendrick Lamar filmed parts of his “Not Like Us” video, has reportedly experienced a significant increase in sales following the video’s release.

On Monday (July 8), TMZ reported that the managers at Tam’s Burgers in Compton, California, located on Rosecrans Ave., have seen a surge of customers in the days since Kendrick dropped the video for his chart-topping Drake diss song. The visual was partially filmed inside and outside the restaurant, and according to the celebrity news site, the business has seen a 30 to 40 percent rise in sales since the video debuted on July 4. Many new customers mentioned that seeing the local restaurant in the video inspired them to visit.

Manager Lauro Hernandez shared that people have been ordering the bacon cheeseburger, which is what Kendrick orders. The rapper has reportedly been visiting Tam’s since his teenage years. Hernandez noted that they did not request money to film at the restaurant, but Kendrick agreed to feature the store signage in the video for promotion.

Although Tam’s Burgers is a local favorite, it also holds a notorious place in hip-hop history. It was the filming location for Straight Outta Compton, where Suge Knight struck and killed Terry Carter with his car following a confrontation on set. Suge is currently serving 28 years in prison.

This is not the first time Kendrick Lamar has helped boost a restaurant’s sales through one of his songs. In May, the owners of the New Ho King restaurant in Toronto saw a significant spike in sales after Kendrick mentioned them in the Drake diss track “Euphoria.”

“Talk about me and my family, crodie?/Someone gon’ bleed in your family, crodie/I be at New Ho King eatin’ fried rice with a dip sauce and blamy, crodie,” Kendrick raps on the track.

The impact of Kendrick’s music continues to extend beyond the charts, directly influencing local businesses and bringing them newfound attention.

Check out Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” video below.

Source: TMZ