Restrictions on flights: the Government released the list with the reasons for travel of the passengers and denies that they have been stranded

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While the complaints of passengers who find obstacles to return to the country grow, the head of the National Directorate of Migration, Florence Carignano, denied on Tuesday that there are 45,000 Argentines stranded abroad because of the new restrictions on flights that began to apply this week.

There are no 45 thousand stranded abroad“Said the official.

Carignano said that this is erroneous information and specified that this figure arises from the summation “of the accumulated departures of the last 4 months”.

”There are no stranded. In reality, it is about 45 thousand Argentines who declared that they left for tourism in the last 4 months ”, he indicated. However, in a statement released by the entity itself, it is read that more than 44,000 people left the country between May 28 and June 28 and that 60% did so for tourism. 14% did so for reasons of residence and 15% for work. The remaining percentage is divided between “move” and “study”.

The official said that, according to data from the body she presides over, under the Ministry of the Interior, about 26 thousand Argentines left the country in the last month for tourist purposes. From them, 10 thousand did it in the last week, he claimed. And he affirmed: “The fact of being outside the country does not mean being stranded.”

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“They will have to reschedule the return”

Along these lines, Carignano pointed out that “there is a percentage of them who will have to reschedule their return based on the new entry provisions and that could imply a delay depending on the case, but it is not a situation at all comparable to being stranded.”

The government of Alberto Fernández decided that, from this Monday, they will only be able to enter Argentina from abroad by air 600 passengers per day. This is the equivalent of just two complete airplanes.

This decision is part of the Decree of Necessity and Urgency that extended the restrictions due to the pandemic and that aims to delay as much as possible the entry of the Delta variant of coronavirus, considered more contagious and lethal.

The measure will last at least until July 9.

On Monday Carignano had issued a strong warning to the complaints of passengers who suffer flight cancellations and cannot return to the country from different destinations.

The official said who traveled abroad signed an affidavit in which “they assumed the consequences”In the event of a possible change in the conditions of re-entry to Argentina.

“We have noticed that when you sign the affidavit, you assume the responsibilities. The people who decided to leave did so accepting the consequences of what it means to go out in a pandemic “, assured the official in television statements.

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And I add: “It’s not nice to make these kinds of decisions”.

In the midst of strong passenger complaints, in recent days dozens of flights to different destinations abroad that were scheduled from Ezeiza international airport until the first days of July were also canceled.

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