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Results of the Madrid 2021 Elections: how to watch online and the best apps to follow the vote

The official 12 hours of voting are over, polling stations are closed, and now the arduous process of counting begins. It is the final stage in any political process, and this is what will happen in a few hours in Madrid, which has begun to count the votes for know the result of the Madrid 2021 Elections of the 4M.

And so that you are aware of everything that happens tomorrow, here we bring you a series of apps and websites to follow the vote count, check how the pre-count political scale is, etc.

Mobile apps

4M Elections Madrid 2021

Lthe Community of Madrid has launched an official mobile applicationto follow the election results live. The app allows citizens to consult the results of the progress of participation and the provisional scrutiny of the elections to the Madrid Assembly that are held on Tuesday, May 4, 2021.

Another function of the app is report on the provisional results of the elections to the Madrid Assembly 2021, and also cCompare them with the final results of the elections held in 2019. In addition, the application allows you to consult in real time the provisional results obtained by all the applications by geographical area, divided into:

– Community

– Municipalities

– Districts of the city of Madrid

– Population sections

– Geographical areas

It also allows group candidacies to study possible Assembly compositions, and is available for both Android and iPhone.

Download 4M Elecciones Madrid 2021 Android

Download 4M Elecciones Madrid 2021 iOS

Pacts – Madrid 4M Elections

The basis of the current presidencies by not being able to achieve an absolute majority, the pacts between parties are becoming key. And so as not to get involved -because this deal can be chaotic-, here we have the app Pacts, a pacts calculator that will help you to calculate precisely and instantly who will be president of the government with all the possible electoral pacts.

And the best thing is that like the previous one you can vote and see the voting trends of the pactometer users in real time.

Download Pacts: Madrid 4M Elections on Android



Although there will be literally thousands of web pages covering the event, without a doubt the best option will be the official website of the Community of Madrid, since it has enabled an official section for the 4M elections,with all the documentation, rules and the usual questions. From there you can access:

– A historical analysis of the results in ballots of past elections

– Standards and preventive measures in public health against Covid 19 during election day

– A map to consult the capacity of each electoral college in the community of Madrid in real time


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