Returnal: Update 1.4.0 Will Make Platinum Achievement Easier; date and patch notes

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Returnal: Update 1.4.0 Will Make Platinum Achievement Easier;  date and patch notes

Returnal, the sci-fi action game with roguelike mechanics exclusive to PS5, will be updated one more time tomorrow Monday, June 14. Housemarque has shared the details of the imminent version 1.4.0 of the game, which brings with it different technical corrections and a series of changes that will make it easier for users to obtain the trophies of the title and, therefore, the long-awaited platinum.

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In addition, Housemarque has reiterated that if we have automatic updates configured on our PS5, the game will close if the patch begins to download and we will lose the progress of the cycle in which we are. Then the full patch notes.

  • Fix for chapter 1 and 2 trophies sometimes not unlocking.
  • Added support for retroactively unlocking trophies, in the event that they had not been unlocked due to some error.
  • Records 9, 34, 35, and 46 will appear more frequently and in more locations.
  • Different technical adjustments in relation to the sound of the game and its configuration.
  • New vibration functions to take advantage of the DualSense in movie scenes and improve immersion.
  • Balance of some weapons, enemies and final bosses in order to make the difficulty curve more balanced.
  • Avenging other fallen players will no longer offer parasites as a reward.
  • Performance improvements and fixes for some rare bugs.
  • Fixes in some final bosses that caused errors such as their disappearance from the stage.

Returnal: a new generation challenge

In our Returnal analysis (8.4 out of 10), we said that we are facing a video game “of a new generation thanks to the intelligent use of the capabilities of DualSense and 3D Tempest audio, which combined improve the sensations even more”, in addition to highlighting which is “a tough, demanding but balanced adventure.”

Returnal lies available and PS5.

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