“Reuniting the Bourbons and Urdangarins: A Noteworthy Event this Friday in Geneva”

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With her coming of age, a new stage begins for Irene Urdangarin.

The youngest of the four children of the Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin has finished her Baccalaureate at the International School of Geneva, known as Ecolint, where this Friday she will say goodbye to her teachers and classmates at a graduation that is both a meeting point familiar.

The act, with which she officially closes a cycle, will reunite the Bourbons and the Urdangarins in Switzerland. Two families that come together to accompany the adolescent on one of the most important days, a day that also represents a triple celebration.

Irene Urdangarin will be accompanied by her family in the finishing touch to his school stage.

Her parents are expected to be by her side; her three brothers, Juan, Pablo and Miguel; her maternal grandmother, Doña Sofía; her aunt, the Infanta Elena; and her cousin, Victoria de Marichalar. The influencer has been, for the moment, the only one who has confirmed her presence. Although she has not revealed who will be present nor has she confirmed if Don Juan Carlos will travel from Abu Dhabi, she has acknowledged that “if they come, I would be delighted.” As for Claire Liebaert, Iñaki’s mother, it is not known if she will join the celebration since her state of health is delicate.

Irene Urdangarin Doña Cristina, Irene and Miguel arrived this Thursday in Geneva, their home for a decade. At 9.45 in the morning, the three together caught a flight at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport. On the plane, as indicated in Y ahora Sonsoles, the Infanta has sat alone on one side while her children, both in blue shirts, have occupied another row. During the flight the brothers have been talking and the youngest of the house has gotten up to ask her mother for a jacket, which she has taken from her bag, a maroon color.

A discreet coming-of-age party

The youngest of the Urdangarins will be able to toast with her family not only for her graduation, but also for another important reason: her 18th birthday, which was on June 5. As she anticipated HELLO!, she did not want to organize a coming-out since her character is reserved and she wants to stay away from the media spotlight. It will, therefore, be a reduced and discreet celebration that will be joined by her cousins, the children of Ana Urdangarin, her father’s sister, and some close friends who live in Barcelona.

On Irene’s big day, who is passionate about art and has only been with Princess Leonor for four months, her parents will see each other again.

Since they announced the interruption of their marriage in January 2022, we have seen them together on several occasions, sharing time with their four children, but this time it is especially relevant because their divorce is expected to take effect imminently. Doña Cristina and Urdangarin have wanted to wait a year and a half after going their separate ways to wait for their daughter to come of age. The graduation will also mean the reunion between Iñaki and the Bourbons, who do not coincide, at least publicly, since the photos of the former handball player with Ainhoa ​​Armentia were published.

This celebration, the prelude to Irene’s university life, comes in a very important week for Infanta Cristina, as she has just turned 58.

On Tuesday, June 13, she began a new return to the sun that she celebrated in advance in Córdoba. In the Andalusian city, she spent the weekend with her four children, with whom she tried some typical dishes in restaurants such as Casa El Pisto and the Ermita de La Candelaria. In addition, they visited places of interest such as the Royal Stables.

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