“Revamp Your Curriculum: Discover Engaging Subjects Without Exams”

By: MRT Desk

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UWC Atlantic College is ready to start a new course after the graduation of Princess Eleanor and her classmates. This new course comes loaded with changes that are expected to prepare students for the challenges of the world today. The new study method that will be implemented will gradually update the International Baccalaureate in line with current reality.

Starting in September, the college will teach subjects covering four major areas including biodiversity, energy, food and migration. According to The Times, there will be no exams and grades will be achieved through group projects. This new evaluation method allows “strengthening deep learning and understanding” and will be part of the students.

Twenty students will stop taking a third of the traditional subjects to dedicate 300 hours to the new subjects. They will be divided into groups of five, and they will have to find solutions to “multiple global crises” and expose them in a company in Wales and in another of their countries of origin. The goal is to have students who are capable of finding transformative solutions. For this, they have to feel that they can drive change.

The center through which members of royalty such as King William and Princess Alexia of the Netherlands or Princess Raiyah of Jordan have passed, has an academic program that includes science and letters. The University also attaches great importance to creativity, sports, and various community service activities. Students can choose between giving support in local schools or working with children with intellectual disabilities, the elderly, maritime rescue, and a long etcetera.

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