Revealed a trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines canceled for PS2

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Many of you will remember the Aliens: Colonial Marines that came out for PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and even Wii U, and which was developed by Gearbox. However, the quality of the game it was far from the expectations we had put on it.

What was not known so much, is that there was a version of the game for the previous generation console (it was going to come out on PS2), which was canceled. Today, so many years later (the one for PS3 and 360 came out in 2013), a trailer of that version of PlayStation 2 that never saw the light has come to light.

As they report from GameRant, the trailer can be viewed through a video uploaded to YouTube on the channel Mr. F01. This is a game launch trailer that shows game cinematic marketing material. And that affects a visual aspect that seems to belong to a high budget product.

In addition, in the description of the trailer, it is commented that the game never completed due to engine issues, which was created by Check Six Studios (the one that was going to develop the game) before it closed. Apparently, this adaptation would have been based on the sequel to the original film Alien (Aliens: The Return, by James Cameron), which is usually a favorite of fans of the saga. What’s more, the project was to be in collaboration with EA.

As to Check Six, her name probably doesn’t ring a bellBut they already had some experience in that generation. In fact, it was the study that desarrolló Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly. We will never know how the game would have turned out, but the truth is that the trailer looked very promising.

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Finally, it is very interesting to note that Mr. F01 he also has a documentary on his channel about the development of the game. In fact, it contains some input from the original programmers who worked on the game. And apparently, this version had so many bugs, that Fox decided to forget about the project.

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