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Revealed: Anna 'Mama June's Daughter Kaitlyn's Biological Father

Revealed: Anna ‘Mama June’s Daughter Kaitlyn’s Biological Father

Has Anna Cardwell’s daughter, Kaitlyn’s biological father been revealed despite Mama June’s insistence they are in the dark about him? There is a huge custody battle ongoing between June and Anna’s ex-husband, Michael Cardwell. Yet, is Kaitlyn’s father out there but staying away? Keep reading for more details.

Before the Friday, July 5th episode of Family Crisis aired, Mama June did not hold back when it came to Kaitlyn’s biological father. After Anna Cardwell passed in December 2023, fans wanted to know if they knew who Kaitlyn’s dad was. June went on TikTok and shared they tested five or six men with no luck. Anna also had a younger daughter, Kylee, who came from her short-lived marriage to Michael Cardwell. He automatically got custody of Kylee but ended up filing papers so he could have both girls. Michael maintained he raised Kaitlyn since she was a baby and continued to support her after the divorce.

Anna Cardwell, Kylee Cardwell, Kaitlyn Shannon-Facebook
Anna Cardwell, Kylee Cardwell, Kaitlyn Shannon-Facebook

However, Kaitlyn ended up in the care of June and her husband, Justin Stroud since a custody agreement from Anna had never been formally filed. Then, in the latest episode of Family Crisis, Kaitlyn’s bio dad came up once again when June spoke to a lawyer. This was before Michael had filed the custody papers but June knew it was coming. When asked if they knew who Kaitlyn’s father was, June brought up testing several men with no luck. A Reddit thread was recently started as this may have been a lie.

The OP suggested that maybe the family do a DNA and send it out so Kaitlyn could have a parent to hold on to. However, was there more to the story that viewers did not see?

  • Anna was 16 and Honey Boo Boo was filming. I could’ve sworn I saw a boyfriend on that season that aired on TLC. This is why I always thought the dad was known.
  • It was supposedly a guy named Caleb Clark.
  • June is a lying pos… her dad is, and has been known, though not actively involved.

Fans were appalled that Mama June would have said they tested so many men, and none came up a match. Not that she said this because she has no filter but because Anna Cardwell is deceased. So, let the poor girl rest in peace. More so, should Kaitlyn have to hear that one day? At the same time, many longtime viewers, back to the Honey Boo Boo days, feel there was a dad. Yet, he is just not involved or has been brushed to the side.

Do you think that they know who Kaitlyn’s father is but Mama June is refusing to put it out there? Let us know your thoughts and watch Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.

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