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Revealing the Truth About Bailee Madison

Revealing the Truth About Bailee Madison

Portraying Imogen in “Pretty Little Liars: Summer School” led Bailee Madison to delve deeply into her mental health. Embodying the character and her struggles made Madison realize that mental health is ever-changing and evolves with life’s circumstances. “My mental health is a work in progress, as I think all of ours is,” she shared with Wondermind.

This insight came to Madison during the filming of the show’s first season and stayed with her as she prepared for the second. “I was a lot more mindful this season of taking care of my mental health. Last season really put me through the wringer,” she confessed. Madison even recalled how, after wrapping the first season, her sister pointed out that she hadn’t fully detached from her character Imogen and was only about 20% herself.

Reflecting on that first season, Madison recounted a significant moment of clarity that triggered some serious introspection. “I remember having this moment of: I’m doing a show that has always been a dream of mine, and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m also the lowest I’ve ever been,” she explained. “I didn’t necessarily know what to do with that.” Faced with this dichotomy, Madison decided to rebuild herself by shifting her focus towards the positive aspects of her life and away from the negative. “From that point on, at my lowest, I was like, okay, we’ve got to start. And with that came a lot of reflection.”

Source: Wondermind