Reverse engineered and exposed videos on Matrix Resurrections demo page

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Promotional website designed for Matrix Resurrections It was published on Tuesday. A user reverse-engineered the page to reveal all the trailers for the movie.

Viewers visiting the website chose the red or blue pill at different times of the day to create a new promotional trailer created from their selection. But Twitter user @linuxct did some deep research to understand how the site’s time perception works.

Linuxct revealed that as a result of their research, they reverse-engineered the page on Twitter to figure out how the URLs were generated for the videos of each combination. The videos that the Twitter user extracted from the depths of the site were compiled in CodePen.

The “Matrix 4 Promo Video Finder” allows you to personally select different variables on the site that affect the outcome, including the time of day you visit, the pill color chosen, and the number of days until the trailer release date. was the website that featured games and comics based on the movie, along with multiple hidden pages accessed by codes unlocked by the original Matrix movie. However, the site was turned into a promotional site with the announcement of the new movie in the series, Matrix Resurrections.

If you don’t have time to click and watch the thousands of unique promotional videos on the site, or if the sections you reach are not enough for you, keep your eyes peeled for The Matrix Resurrections’ trailer, which will be released today.

Adele Ankers is a freelance writer at MRT.

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