Review of Razer Raptor 27, a perfect monitor for gaming: design and quality

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After testing the monitor for several days Razer Raptor 27 Something has become clear to me: I should change mine, because the difference is abysmal. I cannot deny that like other products of the brand (such as the spectacular Razer Blade 15 laptop), a very high price (about 800 euros) indicates, first, that you must be able to afford it and, second, that you have to be absolutely convinced of that you are going to take advantage of all its features.

The Razer Raptor 27 monitor is designed for gaming, but its image quality, precision and response speed also make it highly recommended for work. A 27-inch screen with a QHD 2560x1440p resolution, more than enough to carry out any day-to-day activity, which is coupled with a chilling refresh rate of 165 Hz (as long as we connect the monitor via Displayport to the PC) and a time response time of 1ms. Incredible data that is noticeable as soon as we connect any video game.

It should be noted that after making the first basic adjustments (especially regarding the default brightness, a little more because its factory scheme convinced me) the monitor returns a quality that is much more noticeable if you used a lower specification product before. At the same time, its design also helps us to think that we are dealing with a high quality product. There are hardly any edges on its screen, but to grasp it is to realize its weight (more than 8 kilos) and to fiddle with it is to perceive the quality of the materials. You have paid a high price, but they seem more than justified in a monitor that feels premium right out of the box.

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The IPS screen technology and the 1ms response time are just other surprising features that make any activity with the Razer Raptor 27 a delight: the mouse moves with absolute smoothness, the colors are perceived in a very natural way And to this we can add its DisplayHDR 400 technology. It may not be the best possible monitor if you plan to carry out photography or video work and you need these to be shown as close to reality, but it does not disappoint either.

There are no reflections, the huge palette of blacks and whites blend with the rest of the colors and you enjoy any multimedia content in an insane way. But of course we have come here to play. The Razer Raptor 27 is an excellent monitor if you want to get the most out of video games, thanks to its resolution (here it depends on tastes, in case you prefer another monitor that bets on 4K) and its response frequency. It is noticeable, especially and obviously, in those competitive video games where any movement counts. Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, Overwatch, Counter Strike … the difference with other monitors that do not support those resolutions and, above all, the response speed, is absolute. But be careful, because in other titles of visual quality such as Red Dead Redemption 2 the obvious jump is also perceived.

And I tell you, I recognize that I am unable to perceive certain technological leaps when the numbers begin to be rockets fired into the sky almost meaningless. The quality of living with a monitor like the Razer Raptor 27 is incomparable, and only measurable with other monitors that offer similar features..

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In a more personal way, I tell you that this Razer monitor has served to convince me that a somewhat larger screen (I was still committed to smaller sizes like the 23.5 inches of my current computer) is not necessary in such a short distance, but after playing with him my perception has changed. Also when working, since such a large screen helps productivity (although not as much as opting for UltraWide monitors in this case).

The connectivity is more than enough for an average user and you can enjoy the typical Razer lights at the bottom of the foot of the screen., that you can modify to your liking or eliminate it completely, if these effects are not so gamers for you or you are already getting a little older and you value classic elegance a little more. In this sense, it is a large monitor with presence, but it looks fantastic: the design is superb and the possibility of hiding the cables in its rear panel is an advantage to have the desk somewhat more uncluttered.

In short, and without wanting to be around the bush too much so that you understand what my experience as a user has been without getting lost in technicalities: the Razer Raptor 27 monitor is a delight. An outrage that allows you to play in the best way imaginable, with an absurd frequency response and excellent resolution, combined with a design and a fabulous screen quality. It is also more than perfect for working and performing other tasks, although here we get to the crux of the matter: It is a very expensive product and you must be totally convinced that you are going to really take advantage of all these characteristics, because otherwise I would recommend opting for other equally valid options but more contained in the price.

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If your thing is to play at the highest level and you enjoy the best screen technology, resolution and response, and you compete or simply want to experience the games to the maximum consequences, the Razer Raptor 27 It is a monitor to have in your sights.

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