Review The Suicide Squad: The Glorious Emancipation of James Gunn

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These are some initial comments left by the premiere of The Suicide Squad. The film, released recently, took the work of its director, James Gunn, to the skies.

Mission accomplished! James Gunn he understood very well what that phrase means. The director conveyed the idea of ​​duty accomplished, but not only because he has achieved it, but because the plot of The Suicide Squad He tried to show that: how a mission is completed… And in what way!

From the outset, as a reader, you can rest assured that this note will not contain spoilers. Having said this, we could then proceed to an analysis of what this new bet of DC Y Warner Bros.

There is no doubt, this was the best film of the company. Although the measuring stick was high after the Snyder’s Cut, Gunn managed to place his full potential and exploiting it, a wonderful result. These are some of the highlights.

NO ONE needed

If someone knows how to give a lot of added value to a character that is not well known, it is James Gunn. Your work in Guardians of the Galaxy, turning icons into heroes the public had never heard before was not easy. Thus, repeating the formula, the filmmaker took a group of strangers and exalted them.

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In doing so, he showed that it was not necessary to place a super cameo or reuse all the characters … And yes, to answer a question, Idris Elba | more than well supplied the place of leader, being Bloodsport a character much better designed than him Deadshot of Will Smith.

In addition to Elba, the new members of the squad gave the story a charming tone. In the same way, those who returned (Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller Y Rick Flag) evolved tremendously and seemed to be completely new characters.

Pure action and comedy

Without bordering on the ridiculous, Gunn came up with a brilliant script, no other word. The script was designed like a microscope, so as not to leave a millimeter well configured, and it worked. The jokes, the serious moments, the scenes of tension, everything took its moment and place very well.

On the other hand, the writer did not exaggerate when he said that here would be the best action sequences he has directed. This film is light years ahead of the rest of its companions of the DCEU in combat.

The Suicide Squad and The Fantabulous Emancipation of James Gunn

Finally, the title arrived in R classification, as was the dream of its developer. Although it was not the central axis, the graphic violence and the crude deaths gave the course of the product a lot of strength. It was noted, in many moments, that Gunn was free to work as he wanted and the result was simply magnificent.

We must not stop saying that a little more character development was lacking The Thinker, for instance. In the same way, the fact of mixing accents in Spanish (Argentine, Panamanian and Castilian) was a bit offensive for Spanish speakers who are going to enjoy the product, but even with that, everything is visible.

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Thus, The Suicide Squad is now available in theaters and in HBO Max.

PS: If it is worth staying for post-credits.

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