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Fast and Furious X and its Spectacular Vehicles

Fast and Furious X is out in theaters, and not only does it bring an amazing new story to the table, but it also presents a series of cars that add even more intrigue to the plot. As it has been throughout the franchise, the cars from the Stellantis group continue to steal the show.

The Cars

The Dodge Charger has a lot of prominence in the movie, but we can also find a Chevrolet Impala or a Lamborghini Gallardo. The movie brings a fantastic array of cars to the screen, including the classic Japanese favorite, the Nissan Silvia. A white Nissan Silvia S13 makes a brief appearance in the movie, and it looks stunning even though it only appears in a car meeting scene.

Another notable car scene is a street race between four vehicles, and the last car in the race is a green Porsche 911 GT3 RS from the 997 generation, which looks fantastic.

Fast X also honors the connection between the franchise and Japanese sports cars by introducing the legendary Datsun 240Z, which is one of the greatest Japanese sports cars of all time.

The auto giant, Stellantis chose the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye with a gray paint job and factory widebody kit to participate in one of the best car chases in the entire film.

The Role of the Cars in the Movie

Whether it is power or speed, the cars of Dominic Toretto, his family, and his enemies have everything in abundance. Fast X has a list of the 10 most spectacular cars, and it includes the iconic and unforgettable 1970 Dodge Charger R/T, which is Dominic Toretto’s car of choice.

The movie also has other standout cars, including Dante’s Chevy El path, which is equipped with missile launchers used to blow up enemy vehicles.

We also see the Italian police chasing a chaos-creating Alfa Romeo 159, and another great muscle car driven by Dante during a high-speed chase is a fifth-generation Ford Fairlane.

In addition, the movie includes the gold Lamborghini Gallardo in a chaotic car chase. Given that the Gallardo is one of the most iconic Italian supercars, it is no surprise that the producers used it for the scenes in Italy.

Final Thoughts

In the end, Fast and Furious X is a movie that every car enthusiast should watch. The film brings together some of the best and most iconic cars in the world, with amazing stunts and action scenes that leave you breathless. It is a must-watch for Fast and Furious fans, and an impressive spectacle of energy and speed for anyone who loves cars.

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