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Rewatching "A Quiet Place" Series: It Feels Totally Different Now

Rewatching “A Quiet Place” Series: It Feels Totally Different Now

One of the most intense scenes of the movie unfolds as Evelyn goes into labor with aliens approaching the farm. The sequence culminates with her giving birth in a bathtub, just as the aliens are distracted by the fireworks set off by Marcus. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Emily Blunt recounted that these scenes took five days to film. She noted that her husband, director John Krasinski, was very considerate, knowing the physical demands of the role. Despite this, Blunt described the shoot as arduous and said, “We were both toasted by it. Everyone on set was feeling rather fragile. The crew was really upset by it.”

Krasinski mentioned that the crew was so affected by the intensity of the scene that they refrained from talking to or making eye contact with Blunt afterward. He explained, “It’s not acting, it’s like you are witnessing a moment you shouldn’t be witnessing. Only one guy would talk to her and he said, ‘I don’t think we were supposed to watch that. None of us should have been there.'”

In a separate interview with Jake’s Takes, Krasinski revealed that Blunt filmed the bathtub scene in one take. This feat made the scene even more powerful and underscored Blunt’s prowess as a performer. Reflecting on the experience, Krasinski said he was profoundly impressed by her. “It completely changed how I looked at her, truthfully,” he explained. “I know it sounds corny, but I’ll never have a collaboration as good as I did with my wife.”

Source: Entertainment Tonight, Jake’s Takes