Reyes Maroto defends the “need” of MidCat to stop Putin’s blackmail

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The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, defended this Tuesday the “need” for the MidCat gas pipeline, which should connect France and Spain through Catalonia, and to make it “available of Europe to stop the blackmail of (Vladimir) Putin”.

The minister made these statements on TV3 after the French president, Emmanuel Macron, yesterday definitively rejected the proposal, backed by countries such as Germany or Spain, to develop this gas pipeline.

“We have to use all the capacities that the current system has, but it is necessary to put this proposal on the table to guarantee the energy supply to the European Union”, the minister claimed.

Macron argued yesterday that new gas interconnections with Spain are not necessary because the current ones, located in Navarra and the Basque Country, are underused.

After the French refusal to MidCat, the minister recalled that a meeting of energy ministers is scheduled for next Friday and that there is also a European Council in October.

“We have all the proposals on the table. We are going to give these work meetings time to see what measures are adopted. Spain will always be in search of solutions and in favor of the solidarity for which we make all our (energy) capacities”, Maroto defended.

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