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‘RHONJ’ Teresa Giudice Reveals Ex's Cheating and Use of 'C-Word'

‘RHONJ’ Teresa Giudice Reveals Ex’s Cheating and Use of ‘C-Word’

RHONJ star Teresa Giudice has revealed the truth about her ex-husband, Joe Giudice, cheating on her. Additionally, she has addressed the incident where he allegedly called her a derogatory term on camera. Has Teresa ever received confirmation of his infidelity? Let’s dive into the details.

Teresa and Joe Giudice were married for twenty years and share four daughters. Over time, there were suspicions of Joe’s unfaithfulness, and eventually, both faced prison sentences for fraud. Teresa served her term first, followed by Joe, ensuring that one parent remained at home with their children. However, upon completing his sentence, Joe was deported as he was not a U.S. citizen.

This separation led to their divorce, with Joe now residing in the Bahamas. Teresa has since remarried Luis Ruelas, though he has faced criticism from some who believe he is exploiting Teresa financially. Despite these concerns, Teresa insists that her daughters adore Luis and that they are deeply in love. Amid their happiness, questions about Joe’s infidelity during their marriage continue to linger.

Teresa recently opened up about her past with Joe on Carlos King’s podcast, Reality with the King. According to her, Joe has never admitted to cheating on her:

“And I still ask him till today, I’m like, ‘Just tell me f*cker.’ And he doesn’t tell me… He still denies till today. Do I believe him? No. I don’t believe him. I’m like, ‘Just admit it, we’re divorced now.’ I’m f*cking somebody else.”

As for the moment when Joe allegedly called her the “c-word” on camera, Teresa initially thought it was a case of misleading editing. However, Andy Cohen, a prominent figure in the Bravo network, set the record straight:

“Andy Cohen called me. This is the thing: You know when you’re with your partner, you know what you guys call each other, you guys call each other names. I’m like, ‘My husband’s never called me the C-word.’ … I’m like, ‘You guys edited that in.’ They’re like, ‘Teresa, no we didn’t.’ So Andy Cohen called me. He’s like, ‘Teresa, I watched it. Nobody edited that in. Your husband said it.’”

Teresa was furious, making Joe sleep on the couch for two weeks. However, she claims that Joe was equally upset since he had never called her that term to her face before. There was speculation that Joe was speaking to another woman when he uttered those words, but Teresa clarified that it was actually a male co-worker and not a female acquaintance.

In contrast to Joe, Teresa notes that Luis Ruelas does not use such language and is not prone to cursing. Their relationship took some time to become intimate, partly due to the pandemic and their decision not to have sleepovers. Teresa feels that this period of waiting has made their bond even stronger, and she asserts that they are very content together. Despite living apart, Teresa’s daughters maintain a close relationship with their father, Joe, ensuring the family remains united and happy.

What are your thoughts on Joe’s alleged infidelity and his use of offensive language towards Teresa? The story continues to unfold. Be sure to watch RHONJ on Sundays on Bravo.

Source: Reality Blurb!