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Ribbon cutting in Corrientes: the National Dog Show was officially inaugurated

The National Dog Show Brangus, Braford, Brahman and Creole Horses, that takes place in the Rural Society of Corrientes (SRC), was officially inaugurated this Tuesday, with the participation of provincial and communal officials, producers and representatives of Exponenciar, the titular firm of Expoagro that also organizes this exhibition.

The traditional ribbon cutting was in charge of the governor of Corrientes, Gustavo Valdes, next to the mayor of Riachuelo, Martin Jetter, the mayor of Corrientes, Eduardo Tassano, the president of the local rural society, Maximiliano Mantilla and the directors of Exponenciar, Alberto Marina and Ricardo Rodríguez.

“We are showing the best of the production of the Argentine Republic: of the nine million hectares that we have in Corrientes, six are destined to livestock ”, Valdés said before the public, and thanked the organizers for choosing Corrientes to show “The field potential”.

Since the meeting began, this Sunday, the property is a meeting place between breeders, technicians and livestock companies, animal nutrition, and a window for agricultural machinery, automobiles, supplies, services (veterinary) and genetics.

“We know that the only way to get ahead is work and that the tool for this is education,” stressed the official. Stressed that “What the field does is world pride ”.

During the event, the CEO of Exponenciar, Martín Schvartzman; the president of the Sociedad Rural Argentina, Nicolás Pino; the head of the Argentine Rural Confederation, Jorge Chemes and authorities of Grupo Clarín and La Nación.

In addition, the president of the Argentine Association of Brangus, Victor Navajas; the president of the Braford Argentina Association, Tiziana Prada; the head of the Brahman Breeders Association of Argentina, Raúl Franchino, and the president of the Creole Horse Breeders Association, Raúl Etchebehere, among other members of the agribusiness community.

The livestock festival

The National Dog Show will end this Friday, and all events, such as the minute by minute of the jury and sales, can be followed live on the platform

During the ceremony, Schvartzman thanked all members of the agribusiness chain, businessmen, agricultural producers, advisers and rural workers for demonstrating to Argentines that “there is no dry, temporary, pandemic that prevents them from creating, innovating and investing generating wealth and work ”.

Meanwhile, Marina pointed out: “The agricultural industry has many challenges ahead who pose to be at the height of the opportunities and be proactive in dealing with critical issues, that not only involve producing more and supplying large markets under competitive conditions, but also being attentive to global external threats ”.

Finally, the president of the SRC confirmed two future international events that will take place in Corrientes: the world championships of the Braford races, in 2022, and that of Brangus, in 2023.

Agenda for this Wednesday

IX National Calf Show BRAFORD:

8.00 am: IX National Braford Calf Show – Jura de Bozales.

XVIII BRAFORD National Exhibition:

2 pm: XVIII Braford National Exhibition – Jura de Bozales.

5.30 pm: Great Champions.

2:00 pm: Reggi Special. Wintering and Breeding. Televised and via Rematar.

VIII National Exhibition of Creole Horses:

2:30 pm: Swear Classification.

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