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Ricardo Darín broke into Leo Montero’s program with a dog that he saved on the street

The normality of the program We are on time (America) that Leo Montero driving on Sundays was interrupted by an off-script situation. While the driver was interviewing Luis Novaresio an actor appeared in the studio who went to do an act of good. As the cycle has a section in which they show photos of pets that are lost, Ricardo Darin approached there with the aim of locating the owner of a dog that he rescued from the street and that he was about to be run over.

“What just happened is crazy. The guy lives around here, he finds a little dog on the street, I look at the cut and he enters the frame, as if he were anybody, with a dog and Flor (Bas, the actor’s wife) told me ‘Come on, Leo is live’ . Not even in a script does all this fit”, Said in the introduction of the brief interview Leo Montero.

“I found it in (Ángel) Justiniano Carranza, they were about to run him over. He is very clean to be a street man, I think he ran from a place in Palermo and this is a glorious opportunity to find out ”, answered Darín, about the animal.

The puppy, a very affectionate and dark colored mongrel, was looking for pampering all the time, both from the interpreter and the presenter. “‘Justiniano’ they were about to run over, too”, ironized about the name that chose for the pet until they find their true owners.

The protagonist of The Secret in Their Eyes He saved the puppy, took him to a vet, and from there he went to the studio. “I don’t think he is a stray. He is very clean from having been on the street for a long time and I think he ran from somewhere. I don’t know if it’s exactly from that corner or from a neighboring neighborhood. And this is a glorious opportunity to find out quickly”, He added.

What is “Argentina, 1985 ″ about

Darín is a pet lover. He said that he already has several dogs and that is why he cannot take care of him permanently. “You have to give a chance to those who are the loves of his life to rescue him, because he is very affectionate,” he said.

But the actor didn’t just talk about animals. He also spoke about his next film, which will become one of the premieres of 2022: Argentina, 1985, a production that will portray how was the trial of the Military Boards who assaulted the country’s power in 1976. He will play the prosecutor Julius Caesar Strassera and his partner Peter Lanzani will put himself in the shoes of Luis Moreno Ocampo. The film directs it Santiago Miter, who also wrote it together with Mariano Llinás, director of The flower e Extraordinary stories.

“It is a fantastic movie. I feel like we have some really good stuff. The cast is spectacular, “he said. The actor said that he was wearing a beanie because he did not want to show his hair because it is fading after being dyed for the role of Strassera.

The film may have an international impact as the trial of the Military Juntas was the largest prosecution since the trials in Nuremberg against the Nazis, after the Second World War.

“It is about a historical event, because it was the first time in the world that a civil court tried military personnel. It is all faced from a very human perspective, is about what happened to prosecutors at that time as human beings and their families. I think we have a very good story ahead of us ”, he closed.

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