“Ricardo Salinas Pliego’s shocking insult to Tenoch Huerta – referring to him as an “animal” and more”

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Ricardo Salinas Pliego insults Tenoch Huerta

Ricardo Salinas Pliego, a Mexican billionaire and the CEO of Grupo Salinas, recently launched a series of insults directed at Tenoch Huerta. The latter is an actor and activist known for his work in several high-profile films, including “Narcos: Mexico” and “Miss Bala.”

In a now-deleted tweet, Salinas Pliego called Huerta an “animal” and suggested that he be “sent back to the jungle.” The tweet triggered a massive backlash on social media, with many users calling for a boycott of Salinas Pliego’s businesses.

Calls for Apology

Huerta responded to the insult by tweeting, “I’m sorry if being a human being and not a ‘savage’ bothers you. I prefer to be an animal like us ‘savages’ than be so close-minded.”

By using the term “savage,” Salinas Pliego appeared to reference Huerta’s indigenous heritage. Many Mexican activists have criticized the country’s wealthy elite for their historical discrimination against indigenous people.

Several social media users and activist groups have called for Salinas Pliego to publicly apologize for the offensive tweet. Some have gone further, calling for a boycott of Grupo Salinas’ companies, which include TV Azteca, Elektra, and Banco Azteca.

Impact of the Tweet

Salinas Pliego’s tweet has highlighted the ongoing problem of systemic racism in Mexico. Indigenous people and people of color often face discrimination in various spheres of Mexican society, including the workplace and the media.

The controversy also shows how social media can be used to hold powerful figures accountable for their words and actions. Despite deleting the tweet, Salinas Pliego’s words have elicited a public outcry and have tarnished his reputation.

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The Road Ahead

Salinas Pliego has yet to publicly comment on the scandal. It remains to be seen how the incident will impact his business empire and his future interactions with the public.

Meanwhile, Huerta has continued to be a vocal advocate for marginalized communities and has received an outpouring of support from fans and colleagues. The incident serves as a reminder of the need to stand up against racism and discrimination in all its forms.

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