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Richard Gere, 74, Enjoys Vacation with Wife Alejandra, 41, and Their Sons

Richard Gere, 74, Enjoys Vacation with Wife Alejandra, 41, and Their Sons

Richard Gere, 74, and his Spanish wife, Alejandra Silva, 41, are set to embark on a new journey as they prepare to leave the United States and make their home in Madrid.

The couple, married since 2018, has seen Alejandra adopt her husband’s surname, becoming known as Alejandra Gere.

They, along with their two young children, Alexander, 5, and James, 4, are eager to connect with their Spanish heritage. Before their big move, however, they are taking some time to enjoy a delightful family vacation.

Recently, after attending a Maná concert at the WiZink Center in Spain—where Richard demonstrated his guitar skills alongside the band, with whom he has had a friendship for over two decades—the family headed to the Azores islands.

Alejandra shared a touching moment on Instagram, posting a photograph of their children playing by the seashore, captioned, “Precious moments, precious presents.”
Alejandra shared precious moments from their vacation

The Azores, a Portuguese paradise, is renowned for its stunning nature, panoramic trails, hot springs, and tranquil atmosphere. Despite its growing popularity, it remains far from mass tourism, which the Gere family values, especially considering their upcoming move.
Richard Gere at a Mana concert in Madrid

This autumn, the family plans to settle permanently in Spain. Last year, Richard and Alejandra were seen in Madrid, touring properties in an exclusive residential area and exploring potential schools for their children.

Currently, they reside in a 1938 mansion in New Canaan, Connecticut, previously owned by singer-songwriter Paul Simon. The mansion, spanning 820 square meters, includes six bedrooms and sits on thirteen hectares of land.
Richard with his young family

The couple has also invested time in Mexico, where they opened a sustainable luxury residential complex called ‘Xala’ on the Costalegre in Jalisco just a year ago.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Richard expressed his admiration for the Spanish lifestyle, cuisine, and the warmth of its people. His decision to move to Spain was driven by a desire to be closer to Alejandra’s family and her cultural roots.
Richard with his wife Alejandra and their son

“[Alejandra] was very generous in giving me six years living in my world, so it’s only fair that I give her at least another six years living in hers,” Richard shared.

Richard’s enthusiasm for Spain is also evident in his recent real estate investment. He has purchased an 11 million euro property in the exclusive residential area of La Moraleja, located in the municipality of Alcobendas.
Richard enjoys a milkshake with his son

The opulent mansion features over 10,000 square meters of land, a three-story house spanning more than 1,000 square meters, a heated pool, and a private wine cellar.

Source: Vanity Fair