Rick and Morty: Season 5 finale explained

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After a few weeks without broadcasting, they reached the streaming service HBO Max the episodes 9 and 10 of Rick and Morty, which put an end to the fifth season. Once again, the writers left fans stumped by a final chapter that left more questions than answers. That is why you came to the right place, since here we will clear all the doubts about this delivery.

After episode 9, called “Forgetting Sarick Mortshall”, we see that the relationship between grandfather and grandson is not the same as before, so they decide to separate and have their own paths. Finally, the scientist decides to replace him with two crows, while the young man is related to a stranger named Nick. In the end they both realize that their union had been abusive and Rick moves away with his new partners to have his adventures.

+ Explanation of the end of season 5

Already in “Rickmurai Jack”, the show takes us to a new show inside, called “Rick and Two Crows”, where the old man is now the protagonist of an anime in which he fights against various species of birds, with his crows as companions, although they abandon him and Rick decides to return home. Before, Morty had turned into a 40-year-old version of himself to blackmail him and now he wants to get back to normal so they will head to The Citadel to fix it.

Once they arrive at the location, President Morty, who we know is the villain from an episode of the third season, invites them to dinner and uncovers some dark revelations from their world. They make it clear to us that The Citadel provides an infinite number of Ricks and various Mortys in different universes, so Evil Morty plans to carry out his plan: break the Central Finite Curve..

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What is the Central Finite Curve? Is about a wall created by the Ricks that separates all the infinite universes where Rick is the smartest person of all, while the Mortys are destined to be the ones who suffer daily, and they even reveal to us how they design the union between their parents, Beth and Jerry, with the aim of guaranteeing the creation of a Morty in each reality.

Evil Morty achieves his plan to leave behind all that repetitive cycle of Ricks and Mortys, harnessing the energy that powers The Citadel and thus opening a hole in space-time that takes him to the other side of the Central Finite Curve. That’s why now he achieved the freedom he so longed for, so it is questioned if he really is evil, or was simply looking for a way to escape to a reality in which he would live under the same orders. Meanwhile, on the other side our Rick and Morty were saved, although from now on they will face an unknown future.

+ What does the yellow portal mean?

This is one of the big questions that fans have been asking since the end of the season, and it seems to be the same portal as green that allows dimensional travel, although to know a specific answer we must wait until the sixth installment. Meanwhile, some viewers are already beginning to shine their theories, which lead them to a greater number of unknowns.

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