Rick & Morty shares more videos of their quirky live-action shorts

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It is not a series or a live action movie, but it is the closest thing to that that we have seen to date. Rick & Morty has a version in the flesh, if only in a series of short videos of a proportional nature. Adult Swim surprised locals and strangers when it published the first of them, in which it appears Christopher Lloyd, doc in Back to the Future, in the role of Rick. Morty Smith, meanwhile, is played by Jaeden Martell.

If in the first we saw them coming home, in the second Morty gave his partner a good scolding: “You have done it again, Haven’t you learned anything since the last time?”. A wrench, a screwdriver and a cucumber rest on the table. Good old Rick takes the vegetable, puts it in his mouth, and spits it out a second later. Then answer “never” forcefully.

In the next short, Morty lies on the ground and seems to be convulsing. “One hundred years!” Shouts the eccentric character. It is a kind of adaptation of a scene from the animated series.

Rick & Morty and Back to the Future

Each of the shorts refers to one of the many universes in the Rick & Morty multiverse. The series, which can be seen through HBO Spain, was originally inspired by the movie Back to the Future, an eighties classic in which Christopher Lloyd co-starred alongside Michael J. Fox’s character, Marty McFly. In fact, this version of Rick looks a lot like the wacky professor from the Robert Zemeckis-directed film.

Rick & Morty is about to complete the broadcast of its fifth season. There are only two episodes left, which we can see from today September 6, at the same time as in the United States.

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