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Rick Ross Taunts The Game Over $7M Sexual Battery Case Woes

Rick Ross directed some jabs at The Game on Wednesday (July 10) following reports that the Compton rapper might lose his $7 million home.

Ross took to his Instagram Story to mock The Game after Priscilla Rainey, The Game’s sexual battery accuser, sought to collect the $7 million judgment she won back in 2016. Ross shared a screenshot of the headline alongside a celebratory gif.

The Game quickly noticed the dig and responded in kind. He posted a screenshot of a direct message to Ross, questioning the mockery. He also denied claims that he was going to lose his home due to the sexual battery case.

“Even if I lost my house, which I’m not, you still gonna be a fat bi**h ni**a. That Ozempic gonna kill you before the Twinkies do h*e a** ni**a,” The Game wrote. He later accused Ross of reporting his account, sharing a screenshot indicating his Instagram profile was temporarily restricted for 24 hours. “The officer got my account put in jail for a day. How do y’all be fans of these weirdos?” he added in another post.

Moving beyond the social media exchanges, legal documents from Priscilla Rainey’s case reveal she has served The Game and Wack 100 to use his house as collateral for the $7 million owed. Rainey initially filed the lawsuit in 2015, accusing The Game, born Jayceon Terrell Taylor, of sexually assaulting her.

The alleged incident occurred while filming his VH1 reality show, She Got Game. Rainey and The Game were on a date in Chicago, purportedly for an after-hours scene required by the show. Rainey claims that Taylor, allegedly intoxicated, forced “his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks” while others in the bar watched. Rainey later confronted him about the incident on a tour bus, where he denied any wrongdoing, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

At the time, The Game did not take the allegations seriously and trolled Rainey on social media. Circuit Judge TK Sykes remarked, “Taylor did not take the litigation seriously. He evaded process, trolled Rainey on social media, dodged a settlement conference, and did not bother to show up at trial. His attorney asked for a continuance, but the judge denied that request, dismissing Taylor’s proffered excuse as an elaborate ruse.”

Rainey ultimately won the case, with a jury awarding her $1.13 million in compensatory damages and an additional $6 million in punitive damages.

Source: AllHipHop, The Hollywood Reporter