Ricky Martin and his message to those who oppose the COVID-19 vaccine: “Don’t be self-centered”

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Ricky Martin and his message to those who oppose the COVID-19 vaccine: "Don't be self-centered"

Ricky Martin shared with his thousands of followers on social networks an important message in favor of vaccines against the coronavirus (COVID-19).

In a text published on his Instagram story, the interpreter explained that he was vaccinated against the coronavirus out of empathy with others, because he could not be calm in case of being infected with the virus and transmitting it.

“I got vaccinated because I could never live with myself if I get infected and then pass it on to someone who dies. Even someone who ended up in the hospital. I did it for the people I had never met before, my community ”, the message broadcast on your social network is read.

Furthermore, the interpreter of “Canción bonita”, “Vente pa ‘ca” and “La mordidita” asked his audience to stop paying attention to videos that seek to misinform about inoculation

“Don’t be so self-centered, forget about the ridiculous conspiracy videos you see on YouTube. It’s not about you, it’s about everyone else. Get vaccinated NOW ”, Ricky added.

However, this is not the first time that the interpreter has spoken out against disinformation campaigns regarding COVID-19 vaccines. During the celebration of the Latin American Music Awards, the singer had a conversation with Dr. Anthony Fauci about the importance of the coronavirus vaccine.

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