Ricky Martin premiered with Paloma Mami “Que rico outside”, a hymn to seduction

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Ricky Martin premiered with Paloma Mami “Que rico outside”, a hymn to seduction

The singer is preparing to present his new songs on a tour that will begin in September. Photo: Video screenshot.

Ricky Martin He launched How rich it was“Together with the American of Chilean origin Paloma Mami. Before the launch, the international star posted –as a gift for his fans- behind the scenes of the video that he starred in with his colleague. The clip was directed by Jessy Terrero and was filmed in one day in Simi Valley, in the state of California.

The artist made the preview of the premiere with a gift for his fans.

Punctually, at 9 p.m., it premiered the first single from Ricky Martin’s new album called Play. The Puerto Rican revealed that he chose Paloma Mami -to accompany him in his brand new song- due to the deep admiration he feels for his music. The 21-year-old became famous in 2018 after releasing the single “Not Steady”.

The global rhythm imposed by the pandemic prevented colleagues from getting together to be able to record the feat together, although, finally and months later They were able to meet for the filming of the video clip and there they met personally.

“I give you what you want in exchange for a tour of your hips”, sings the Puerto Rican, reaffirming what he had advanced during an interview about the lyrics that they composed together with Wissem Larfaoui, Kevyn Mauricio Cruz and Juan Camilo Vargas.

“The song it is joy, joy and it is horny. It is time to seduce a little bit, after all, we are all in contact with our sexuality and let’s celebrate what we are made ofWhy not, ”said the Puerto Rican.

“How rich was it” mixes different genres. There, the artists combine pop, with Afro-Latino and urban. It is a subject suitable for dancing and will surely make the audience of both figures vibrate when they can perform it live.

Paloma was happy for the invitation of the world star. “When the approach came, I was very excited. Anyone would have accepted coming from someone so talented. ” On the subject, he stated: “It is a song with a lot of tropical rhythm, but with lyrics that are very urban. I wrote a little sexier than usual and loved it”.

The song, like the rest of the songs on Ricky’s future album, will be part of the repertoire of his live tour. The expected return of the artist will take him to different cities in the United States and Canada during the months of September, October and November with Enrique Iglesias.

The tour -which promises to be a success- it was postponed last year due to the pandemic. During the concerts, fans will be able to enjoy a historical event: the summit meeting on stage between the Puerto Rican and the Spanish, two great figures of music.

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