“Ricky Martin’s Nephew Strikes Back with Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit”

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Ricky Martin Accused of Sexual Abuse by Nephew

In 2022, it was revealed that Ricky Martin had been accused of the alleged crime of sexual abuse by his nephew Dennis Yadiel Sánchez Martin, son of his sister Vanessa. According to the 21-year-old, the singer forced him to have sexual encounters since he was 11 years old.

Martin Denies the Allegations

Given this, the interpreter of “Livin’ la vida loca” denied the accusations and filed a civil lawsuit, in September 2022, under the alleged charges of extortion, persecution, abuse of rights, damages.

Protection Order Obtained

In addition, he obtained a protection order in his favor that forced his relative to “refrain from harassing, persecuting, intimidating, threatening or in any other way interfering with the petitioner or with members of his family.” The prohibition of telephone calls, emails or text messages was included, either on the mobile or through social networks, as well as, not to approach his home or that of his relatives.

Counterclaim Filed Against Martin

Now, Sánchez Martin made a counterclaim against the famous singer for ten million dollars arguing that they are to compensate the damages caused by allegedly committing “non-consensual sexual conduct” against him since he he was 11 years old, according to the EFE news agency. Michael Kovac/Getty Images for GLAAD Ricky Martin

New Legal Dispute Against Martin

This legal process was submitted, on May 3, 2023, before the Court of First Instance of San Juan. This document details the alleged sexual abuse between the famous man and his nephew; which, as mentioned, occurred in the artist’s car when he was looking for the then minor at the Sotero Figueroa middle school in San Juan.

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Martin Has Not Ruled on New Dispute

So far, Ricky Martin has not ruled on this new legal dispute against him by Dennis Yadiel Sanchez Martin.

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