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Ridley Scott Explains Paul Mescal Casting Over Spencer Treat Clark in ‘Gladiator 2’
Paul Mescal as Lucius in “Gladiator 2” and Spencer Treat Clark as Lucius in “Gladiator.”

  • The first “Gladiator 2” trailer showed Paul Mescal as Lucius fighting Pedro Pascal’s Marcus Acacius.
  • The younger version of Lucius was played by Spencer Treat Clark in the original “Gladiator” movie.
  • Here’s why Clark doesn’t reprise the role in “Gladiator 2.”

The long-awaited trailer for the “Gladiator” sequel has finally arrived, igniting discussions among fans about the casting of Paul Mescal as Lucius, a role originally played by Spencer Treat Clark.

Ridley Scott’s iconic “Gladiator” featured Russell Crowe as Maximus Decimus Meridius, a betrayed Roman general who becomes a slave. The film also introduced Lucius, heir to the Roman Empire, who watches Maximus battle in the Colosseum.

Since its 2000 release, “Gladiator” has become one of the most celebrated historical epics, earning five Oscars, including best film, best actor, and best director. As a result, “Gladiator 2” faces high expectations from its eager audience.

The new trailer for “Gladiator 2,” set for release on November 15, hints that Lucius vanished after the original film’s events and built a new life. However, much like Maximus, he’s forced back into the arena by General Marcus Acacius, played by Pedro Pascal, and his soldiers.

Given Paul Mescal’s rising stardom from his notable performances in “Normal People,” “Aftersun,” and “All of Us Strangers,” it’s no shock that Ridley Scott chose him to portray Lucius in the sequel.

Yet, some fans question on social media why Scott didn’t bring back Clark for the role, especially since Clark is still active in the acting industry.

Ridley Scott explained his decision to cast a younger actor as Lucius in “Gladiator 2.” Clark, now 36, is known not only for his role in “Unbreakable” opposite Bruce Willis but also for reprising the role in 2019’s “Glass.” He has appeared in several TV shows, including “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,” “Animal Kingdom,” and “Manhunt.”

In a 2023 interview with Deadline, Scott mentioned that he sought a younger actor for the role of Lucius and was particularly impressed by Mescal’s work in “Normal People.”

Scott stated, “I’m always looking for someone new and fresh. Fresh is incredibly important. You don’t want them bringing previous roles into their new portrayal.”

He added, “I watched ‘Normal People’ and thought these actors were fantastic. I ended up watching the entire show and decided, damn, he’s perfect for Lucius.”

Scott revealed, “When I needed a 23 or 24-year-old for Lucius, I asked Mescal if he was interested, and he said yes.”

Despite fans’ curiosity, representatives for Spencer Treat Clark did not immediately comment on the casting choice.

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Source: Business Insider