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Rihanna's Entrance: Unmissable and Captivating

Rihanna’s Entrance: Unmissable and Captivating

The latest episode of Logan Paul’s podcast, “Impaulsive,” featured NBA star Kevin Durant and has garnered significant attention. During the episode, Logan Paul asked Durant if he ever gets distracted by fans or celebrities at games. Durant humorously admitted that he does acknowledge attractive women in the stands, often referred to as “baddies.”

“I wouldn’t say distracted, but I do acknowledge them sometimes,” Durant said. “Especially if it’s baddies in the stands for sure. If it’s celebs around the floor, you definitely want to see who it is.”

Paul then inquired about which celebrities Durant would notice, to which Mike Maljak brought up Corrina Kopf.

“Oh yeah, I’ve seen her before at a Drake concert,” Durant responded. “When Rihanna walks in, it’s hard not to notice her. Just all the baddies, bro.”

It’s indeed hard not to notice Rihanna. She and Durant had a memorable exchange during Game 1 of the 2017 NBA Finals. Rihanna, a known LeBron James fan, trash-talked Durant during the game between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Her attempt to get into his head backfired, as Durant dominated the game and led the Warriors to a 113-91 victory.

Rihanna seemed to have yelled “brick” when Durant was at the free-throw line. Moments later, Durant hit a three-pointer right in front of her and appeared to stare her down.

Durant thrives in such high-pressure situations and it seems Rihanna got the message. Since then, there have been no similar incidents, suggesting she might have learned her lesson.

Regarding Durant acknowledging “baddies,” there’s nothing wrong with that, especially considering he is reportedly single. He is not the only NBA player to do so either. It’s been a well-known joke that players like Jordan Poole perform better when they’re watched by attractive women.

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The reason why Durant was on Logan Paul’s podcast is that they have now teamed up. The Phoenix Suns superstar has partnered with Paul’s Prime Hydration to launch a new drink.

Durant is the latest big name to join Prime, which has also collaborated with stars like Patrick Mahomes. The timing of this partnership is notable, as Durant will soon be playing for Team USA at the Olympics.

This will be Durant’s fourth time participating in the Olympics, and he has won a gold medal with the U.S. team on each of the three previous occasions. If the 14-time All-Star wins another gold medal, he’ll become the first male basketball player to win four gold medals.

Currently, Durant is taking some time off due to a calf strain. He won’t be participating in Team USA’s exhibition game against Canada on Wednesday but is expected to join the team when they head to Abu Dhabi next week.

Source: Fadeaway World