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Riley Green Thinks of Mom’s Reaction When Fans Throw Bras Onstage

Momma Green has seen it all. Over the last year or so, we’ve seen tons of videos go viral on social media of girls throwing bras at Riley Green, and it seems like more ladies join in on it with every show.

Honestly, it’s hard to blame them and not shocking in the least bit. The country star is quite popular among the ladies and is very easy on the eyes, so that’s pretty self-explanatory.

Exhibit A:

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We recently caught up with Riley ahead of The Country Fest in Ohio and, of course, had to ask what he thinks about having bras flung at him pretty much every single time he steps foot on stage. His answer might surprise you.

The Alabama native says he “always thinks about [his] mom” when it happens because she’s always looking at social media and obviously tends to see some outright wild comments girls leave for Riley, in addition to the bras. He added that he thinks of her getting “second-hand embarrassment” for seeing anything like that online, but says she has a good sense of humor and ultimately, he’s just glad the fans come to his shows.

“I always think about my mom, because she monitors my social media pretty heavily and sees all the crazy comments and all that stuff. I just think about if my mom sees it… like, second-hand embarrassment. She’s been to the shows, she sees all of it, she has a good sense of humor. There’s some wild folks out there, I’m glad they show up and come to the shows.”

I’m sure his whole family probably gets a good laugh out of it, but as a mom, that has got to be just a little bit weird to see when it comes to your son.

And we’re not just talking one or two bras a night.

But hey, when you’re a bona fide underwear model, what else can you really expect…

Check out this post on Instagram.

And if Riley continues to write songs like “Worst Way,” and let the record show that I hope he does, I don’t see the bra throwing slowing down anytime soon… but still, I will continue to wonder how some of y’all can afford to keep doing it.

Listen to “Worst Way” here.

Source: Instagram, YouTube